How much limbo time can I have?


“how much limbo time can I have before I can’t work anymore during the month”…. The answer is there is no limit to the amount of limbo time an employee can have before they can no longer work in a calendar month. The Carrier gets fined by the FRA after an employee gets more than 30 hours.

You can’t work after working 276 hours in a calendar month. If anyone gets close to that call be and we will discuss. I have attached the language in the FRA statute for everyone to read

Limbo 30-Hour Monthly Limitation

When added, if time on duty and limbo time for a single duty tour is over 12 hours, the time over 12 hours that is spent waiting for or in deadhead transportation from duty to a point of final release must be applied to the 30-hour monthly maximum. (49 USC § 21103(c) and 77 FR 12407).

When an employee has reached or exceeded the 30-hour maximum in a calendar month, he or she may continue to perform covered service as a train employee, but any duty tour resulting in additional time added to the 30-hour maximum may result in FRA taking enforcement actions.

This provision will not apply when an employee is directly delayed due to a casualty, an accident, an act of God, a derailment, a major equipment failure that prevents the train from advancing, or a delay resulting from a cause unknown and unforeseeable.

276 Hours Monthly Limitation

If an employee performs covered service as a train employee at any time during a calendar month, then all service performed for the railroad during that month is limited to a total of 276 hours. (49 USC § 21103(a)(1), and 77 FR 12407).

Service for the railroad includes:

*             Covered service as a train employee, dispatcher, and signal maintainer.

*             Deadhead to duty.

*             Deadhead from duty to a point of final release.

*             Commingled service.

*             Any other activity at the behest of the railroad.

Once an employee is at or over 276 hours for a calendar month, he or she cannot perform any service for the railroad for the remainder of that calendar month.

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