Penalty Hours of Service (PH) Claims


In order to qualify for a PH claim you must be on a trip rated job such as a CB, LB, CA or CD/SP pool spot. If working on one of these pool spots you must go outside switching limits and back inside switching limits with the train you are called for and the get ANOTHER train. You must get the second train outside switching limits and take it back inside switching limits also.

It doesn’t matter if the work performed on the secondary train is before or after you complete work on your original train as long as it falls under the aforementioned criteria.

I highly recommend, NOT putting in for a PH claims unless you perform the aforementioned work. If you are putting in a PH claim and didn’t perform the aforementioned work, you are falsifying a time claim.  These claims may get paid, however if your saying you performed work you actually didn’t do you could be subject to dismissal…… I anyone is doing this please ask yourself if getting a few extra dollars if worth potentially losing your job!

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